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teresa.jpg - largeAbout Teresa

My name is Teresa Wilkinson and I am a Psychologist. I have been working with people who have been traumatised for the last 23 years and counselling people for the last 15 years.


During this time I have worked with people to help them manage the effects of trauma on their body, heart, mind and relationships.


I have worked as a Sexual Assault Counsellor, as a Domestic Violence Counsellor and prior to this in the area of Child Protection.


I have a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and a Master of Arts (Psychology)(Forensic)and a Post Graduate Diploma of Social Health. I am a registered Psychologist through the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (APHRA). I am an Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society.


I am committed to assisting people to recover from trauma, providing warm, respectful, sensitive and empathic counselling. I have strong ethics about social justice and making visible oppressive processes/structures which allow abuse and contribute to the effects. I strongly believe people’s ability to recover and people’s right to have access to a counsellor who is trauma informed. I believe people can heal from trauma and go on and live their preferred life. I feel privileged to witness people’s healing.